As some of you know I am headed to Haiti tomorrow as part of a delegation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) [FULL ITINERARY].  These past few days have been beyond hectic with my brain in overdrive and life hectic as I try to balance and navigate duties at MBCC, chaperoning kids and making sure I am actually ready to spend eight days in Haiti.

But now, I am getting to the point of giving it up to God, because if it isn't done by now, it probably isn't going to get done and probably was not all that important to begin with.  With my shots in order, bug repellent and netting purchased all I have now is to get packed and collect the offerings of medication and supplies at worship tomorrow AM.  

As I make my final preparations, I had thought that I would just leave my laptop at home and be unplugged for the entire week.  And while there is part of me that would love to do that, this trip is not about my sabbath or rest, but about learning, engaging and seeing first-hand the impact of the earthquake AND the ways in which the church can continue to be part of a longterm systematic rebuilding.  So, I am bringing the laptop, had my phone opened up for international service and I will be blogging and twittering my way through Haiti as I can, so we can experience this together.

You can obviously sign up to get this blog through EMAIL or RSS feed for daily reports, but if you want more frequent pics and updates, I'll be twittering from @breyeschow.  I will also be giving a presentation Mission Bay Community Church after worship on April 25th, around 7:00pm if you can make that.  

So . . . until the next post or tweet, peace be with you.

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