During those moments when the waves of life seem just about to pour down and overwhelm, I simply need to rely on the graciousness of others:

  • less than stellar sermons
  • half-finished projects
  • untended relationships
  • wandering energies
Now I know most of my problems are the champagne variety, but each of us still lives life, experiences moments when we take on too much and otherwise are forced to acknowledge our humanity in the face of God.  To admit and embrace this is not weakness, but quite the opposite, it is to admit that we truly are not on our own and we must rely on God.  We will each have times in our lives where we need to experience grace beyond our own imagination and others times where we need to extend it beyond what we would care to, but grace nonetheless is central to our holy life together.

So on this day, as I look to the end of a chaotic few weeks, for the patience, calm and flexibility of God’s beloved community, I give great thanks.  

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