So we have finally decided to sell our home of about 10 years.  After moving out a few years ago, we no longer wish to be landlords, so on the market it goes.  This has been a really interesting process as we have never been through this type of selling process.  Our agent, Stefano Dezeraga has been really helpful and has provided wonderful counsel and service when it comes to prepping our home for sale. 

Among some of the things that we have done beside the basic cleaning, some painting and general repairs is that we used a stager to help provide some ideas for what could be done with the house. For those that have visited our home . . . yes, this is the same house that provided so many great memories for our family and extended community for so many years.

As we begin to say good-bye to this home, our entire family gets to walk back through some of the wonderful moments in our life that took place there.  From first ice-cream cones on the porch to the many birthday parties to simply hanging out in the kitchen filling our stomachs and feeding our souls, there are many a great memories from our time there. 

But alas, while we remain in San Francisco, we begin this next stage of our housing journey and we hope someone will find their way and experience the same joy that we did at 503 Capitol Avenue.

Feel free to take a "tour" at

Home for Sale: 503 Capitol Avenue - Stefano Dezerega  

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