Last week my wife came up to me and showed me this slip of paper that had the word “penis” written on it.

Now of course we were a tad bit curious as to the origin of the paper.  Maybe there was some anatomically correct  labeling going on somewhere.  That’s cool, our children were using the official names, but we also wanted to make sure that any visitors were not going to stumble upon random slips of paper at our place, “vagina,” “earlobe,” etc.  . . . you get the picture.

So armed with a very serious “we want to teach our girls to have a healthy understanding of sexuality” posture, we called Middle over. Robin held up the paper and asked her, “Honey what is this from?”

Without hesitation, Middle responses, “Oh that . . . we were playing bank and that was Youngest’s label for “Pennies.”

We have never laughed so hard.

And now banking will never be the same.

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