UPDATE 08.17.10: Upon opening up my book doc, realized that it has been SIX months since I have worked on it. Wow. Time flies when you’re . . .

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This might just be the lamest post I have written in a while.

Don’t try to look too deeply into my soul as my neurosis is pretty clear.  Basically I am writing this as a way to continue to feed my own anxiety and procrastination about this book thing I have been working on for the past year.  Tuesdays, I have decided, will now be my “writing day.”  So here it is, Tuesday, and what am I doing? Sure, I am writing . . . writing about why I am having such a hard time writing.

Like I said, lame.

In any case, I am going to with the idea that this is simply how I get warmed up and in the mood – no Jr. High comments please – for writing.  This book project, in particular, is about my life – you think you know, but you don’t know – . . . so I suspect that some of it is that if I finish this thing, then it will be out there for all to see.  In all honestly I have been paralyzed a bit sitting in this tension between being okay with writing it just for the cathartic value and writing something that  could be a positive contribution to our larger journey of life and faith. “Boo Hoo!” I know, but there you have it.

And it gets lamer.

While my original intent was to self-publish, I have a publisher that is willing to take a read and have asked for the first 5,000’ish words, Table of Contents and common book list.  How this gets lamer is that I have 25,000 words written – about 1/2 of the book – have had them done for a while.  So, yeah, for the past three six months, I have not had the “umph” to get off my ass and refine stuff that I have ALREADY written.

What is THAT about? Don’t really know, but nevertheless, I am off to write.

Seriously I am.

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