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I know, I know, you are wondering what Robin and I are doing riding without our helmets.  And when was Robin a blond?  And why are they being filmed?  No you are not seeing double.  Last night Robin and I had an impromptu movie date and saw "Burlesque" staring Cher and Christina. And yessireebob, the very cool, witty, theologically grounded and intellectually stiumulating main love interest rode a Triumph Bonneville . . . just like someone else I know 😉

But first, a review in short . . .

  • Great costumes and amazing dancing, should be a shoe-in for the dancey-sparkly-shiny Oscar;
  • While the costumes were great, many were barely there; the PG-13 is for the suggestive nature of the dancing . . . it is Burlesque after all;
  • Christina can saaaang and dance;
  • Cher was splendid as always;
  • Predictable, but sweet plot: Mid-West girl makes good in the big city, falls in love, saves the day, yada yada yada;
  • Worth seeing it on the big screen . . . think the Lady Marmalade video from Moulin Rouge except this time, Ms. Aguilera gets the stage all to herself.

But what really caught my attention throughout the movie was not the constant stream of scantily clad dancers or the serious vocals be belted out, nope . . . my attention was drawn to that beautiful Triumph Bonneville. Every time that "Ali" and "Jack" went anywhere ALL I could think about was that he was riding MY old motorcycle.

Gosh how I miss Trixie.




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