There is so much going in the our little part of the Christian family called the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Honestly, sometimes our in-fighting and bickering seems so trivial in light of other happenings in the world. Still, for many of us this is our home and we have chosen to be here.  So with letters and responses flying back and forth, amendment voting strategies being implemented and communities simply trying to figure out what God has planned for them, I am excited to be part of a couple of web conversations that will focus on who we may be becoming as a church.


So . . . I would love it if you would join Larissa, Lisa and myself as we respond to recent happenings in the Presbyterian Church – including my response to the infamous "white paper" – and take some time to dream a bit.  Sponsored by That All May Freely Serve, this will be the first attempt at a webcast.  Space is limited and I can pretty much guarantee that the production value will be rough, but I am really excited to be part of this initial conversation.  If this blows up into something really cool . . . you can say, "I was there!"


Space is very limited, so you must reserve your spot with Lisa.


DATE: Thursday, February 24

TIME: 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Easters
TO  RESERVE YOUR SPOT: Email Lisa Larges,


Complete info can be found here at:
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