Page_facebook In order to test out the usefulness of the new Facebook Page upgrades, this week, February 13-20, I am going conduct a bulk of my facebook activity: posts, links, updates via my page and not on my profile.

But why, you ask?

Contrary to popular belief I am not generally an early-adopter.  This is particularly true when it comes to gadgets of the technical variety preferring to wait until the 2nd or 3rd generation edition.  But when it comes to most things social media, I am pretty willing to jump right in.  Most of the changes that have come to FB and twitter over the past years have not bothered me as much as they have for some folks and I figure that most changes are actually not going to be launched unless they really are a good idea.

So . . . as soon as I saw an option to upgrade my facebook page, I jumped all over it.  I have been really frustrated with my page as it is nowhere near as effective in generating interaction as my profile.  And as I have written about before, the profile’s 5,000 friend limit creates some problems with being able to connect with causes and new friends. This upgrade is a welcomed change.

In a nutshell, this new upgrade gives a page the same capabilities as a profile.  This is really good for businesses and for folks who live and interact in the public space.  If you are the admin of a page, you now have the option to use faebook as that page.  This is exactly what I was waiting for and even in one day, I have already interacted more on my page than have I have in the past few weeks combined.

So if I like it, I will again get to use my facebook profile to interact with people that I actually know and who care about my day-to-day life.  I can then use my page for broader conversations about life, faith and baseball.

So you are invited to “like” my page, invite others to do the same and join in on the conversation.  If not, I’ll see you in a week!  I’ll be back in a week to give a review and update!

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