Money [photo: billolen]

As you know, I wear many hats these days: pastor, parent, slacker, etc.  None of these are what most folks would describe as lucrative endeavors, but one of the ways that I participate in the  cash windfall that rains down on our household each month is by being a 3/4-time pastor at Mission Bay Community Church.  While pastoring is some of the most exhilarating AND exhausting work there is and as a Presbyterian, I have healthcare and a pension, most of us don't do it "for the Benjamins" as they say.  

MBCC is a small church that has given me great freedom in my committed time to pursue other interests that are not directly related to its congregational life.  I have done a variety of things to help meet this gap: speaking, writing, teaching, etc. but never have I blogged for pay.  I know people do it with many of us clicking on links that help get someones page views up.  But even on most blogs, my SFGate one included, blogging is done freely by folks who just want to get their ideas and passions out into the world.

So . . . of course, I now have to decide whether I want to jump into this.  I have a few folks with whom I am having conversations about the possibilities and am intrigued by the idea.  But first, what do you think about bloggers who get paid to drive traffic to a site?

Below is a quick little poll if you want to let other know what you think and, please, feel free to leave any other words of wisdom as that may come to you.

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