• ADJUSTING AND ADAPTING: While I had hope to have enough vids to fill the day, it was not too be by our initial deadline of May 22.  While we did get more than 10 towards our goal of 50, a combination of May school activities and a short turnaround made it difficult for folks to get a video together.  With many folks letting us know that they would do it if they had more time, we are postponing the event by THREE weeks to now be held on JUNE 22 with for real deadline of June 15. One of the great things about this NOT being a face-to-face gathering is that there are no facility deposits or travel arrangements to deal with, just a little flexibility for those who might  have blocked that time off.  And, even if you cannot make this one, all of the videos will be online after the actual event so would really won’t miss much.  For those who have already turned in your vids, thank you so much.  Feel free to update them and/or just let them be.  you get a metaphorical gold star for meeting the deadline!  Thanks for your flexibility and please let this be a prodding to join in on the conversation!
  • NEW VIDEO DEADLINE: June 15, 2011, Midnight PDT
  • NEW WEBCAST DATE: June 22, 2011, beginning at 8:00am PDT

Wow . . . more Presbyterian shenanigans?  What can I tell ya . . . I am  Presbyterian and proud of it.  We are not perfect by any means, but we are trying to figure out where God is leading this particular slice of the Christian family.  If you happen to be  part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) have been wondering how you can be part of the conversation/s, this video invitation is for you!

Is your interest peaked peeked piqued?

You have three weeks . . .

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