After yet another round of classy comments from SFGate commenters on my last post, I had another conversations with someone about the usefulness of comments on a blog. For places like SFGate I could probably post, “Puppies are cute!” and I would get some nasty comment about what an idiot I am. I have posted on this before, but I actually think that the comments bother other people more than they bother me. I figure, I am putting my opinions out there, so I am fair game. I can choose how to interact and none have felt personally threatening . . . I figure most are simply folks with opinions who think they are much wittier than they really are ;-)*

Asked about why I keep at it, I actually have a question for you who are reading this. “Why and when do YOU comment on a blog?” I know that many people do not want to open themselves up to the bullying tactics that some use in comment streams, others comment on a regular basis hoping to engage with one another and still others I fear just like hearing the sound of their own keyboards ūüėČ

But seriously . . .

  • Why do you or don’t you comment on blogs?
  • When you do comment what are your general hopes and expectations?
  • Any other thoughts on comments?

That’s it . . . I offer no grand statements about my religious beliefs, cultural perspectives of how painful it was today to see the Oakland A’s blown out by the WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL. I just want to know . . . why do you comment?

And yep, I kept my comments open on SFGate ’cause they LOVE me there ūüėČ

*Yes, I too am in the “Opinionated and Not as Witty as I Think I am” club.

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