Yes, I am in transition yet again.

I should really call my blog, “The Transient Blogger” as it seems I am never in one place all that long.  After hanging out with the good folks at since April, I am again going solo. Patheos is awesome and I am fully in support of what they are doing. I simply discovered that I have extremely high – like 24/7 high – control needs about my blogging life. Shocking, I know.

So, in this case it really was ME and not them.

Sometime this weekend I will begin rolling out a revamped blog with a wider breadth of content, a different look and a more connectional feel.  Never fear, I will still engage in all of the tomfoolery and prodding that you have come to expect. Consider yourself duly warned.

Not only will I launch a snazzy new look on Sunday – ohh, ahh – but I am also REBOOTING MY FEED, so if you want to keep in touch keep reading.

While I know that giving up a set group of readers may not be wise in terms of short term readership, it’s time for some spring cleaning. So unless you RESUBSCRIBE this will be the last time my blog will come to your email or show up in your blog reader. I will delete my old feeds this weekend.

You can either subscribe with your reader:  RSS Feed or sign-up for email updates below.

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This next time you’ll hear from me is via a some kind of “Blog Warming” party invite 😉

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