After making a short stop on Patheos where I dipped my toe into WordPress waters, I fully committed to using the platform on my new blog. I’ll post later on my recent and full conversion from Typepad to WordPress, but for now, let me give some props to one service that has made the transition pretty darn easy, Woo Themes.

After setting up all of my hosting and domain settings on GoDaddy, I went about the work of searching for a theme. First stop,, where the shear number of themes gets a tad bit overwhelming. Some are unique in look, while others styles start to blur into one another, but all-in-all a great place to start. I was drawn to WooThemes and eventually ended getting their three themes for $70 deal. Hosting, domains and theme in hand, I was off an running.

And then my control freak, style tweaking self emerged. I wanted to change this, move that and make it my own. No out-of-the-box look for me, nosiree.

For those of you who have made this blogging platform shift, you know that without much work, wordpress produces some mighty fine looking blogs. And while fairly user friendly, one can get lost in some of the tech if you want to customize. If just seeing letters run together forming the secret code, CSS and PHP, make your eyes glaze over, you have been warned.

I have some history with coding in some old school HTML and even older school Fortran, so I was not too worried about getting it. Still, I have not been a huge CSS person. So, the best part about my Woo Themes experience has been the support forum. From the simple to the complex, I have found the folks who have responded have been AWESOME. From suggesting simple code to place in the CSS box to explaining what was going on so I would understand more deeply, they have really made this transition meaningful. While I may still not REALLY understand what I am always doing, I now know better what questions to ask and how to avoid the need to even ask some questions.

These are still in process, but here – order order of completeness – are a few of their themes that I have put to use on some of my own projects:

As I am helping some other folks get their blogs up and going, I decided that I was so happy with woo and I am beginning to get pretty comfortable with their general architecture that I went ahead and got a club subscription. It’s a little pricier than some of the other programs out there, but this allows me access to all of the current and future themes.  There is much more to do before I get settled into the new home – multiple blog migrations will do that – but WooThemes has taken away much of the anxiety around the process.

I do get a referral as part of their affiliates program, so if you do decided to jump on the Woo Themes wagon, if you would be so kind as to use THIS LINK, it would be much appreciated!

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