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Last end of the year I promise [twitter year in review | blogging year in review]

I have never really been a “New Year ‘s Resolutions” kind of guy. I figure if you want to try to accomplish something meaningful, just go out and try. Why wait?  That said, since I am a horrible predictor and the new year really is a good time to think about hopes for the future, I have given in. Here are a few new things that I will try to check off the to do list in 2012.

10 – Santa dropped a new guitar in my stocking this year, so I will play my guitar at least twice a week.

9 – I have had a copy of Rosetta Stone Tagalog installed on computer for the past 18 months without ever using it, so at least once a week I will work on my Tagalog.

8 – Someone needs to get less Husky Boy so I will complete at least one P90X cycle.

7 – Finally writing a book on social media and the church, so I will meet my May Shook Foil Books deadline.

6 – No longer preaching every Sunday and missing somewhere to use words good, I will launch BRC and Friends Radio Show.

5 – With my Oakland A’s rebuilding . . . AGAIN . . . I will go to more baseball games than I did last year.

4 – I will take more pictures.

3I will not work past 10pm.

2I will not let chaos, messiness and piles bother me.

1 –  I will be kinder to those I love.

Those are doable, right?

I think so.

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