UPDATE September, 2013

I am still using Moo.com and just got another set of cards. Over the year and orders I have wavered between large cards, mini cards and/or not cards at all. I recently ran out and after a few events where I actually needed them, I went ahead and ordered more. This time rather than listing all of my different links, I went with a simple mini card with a stock design: name, email, phone and general social media handle. I also upgraded to a thicker paper, which feel real nice. I like.

Bruce Reyes-Chow Moo Cards


Again, I recommend moo.com so if want to use them here is a 10% off referral code.

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Original review…

Every once in a while I like to give some public acknowledge to companies and services that I use on a regular basis.  Today, I want to give props to the online printing services, moo.com. I remember back in the day that one of the very first things I did when starting a new job was to order business cards.  I think I ordered 500 cards for a youth minister position I had in 1993 and even then, I never came close to using them all.  With each subsequent job, I have ordered fewer and fewer cards because, other than when I travel internationally, handing out business cards seems like a waste.

These days, I am more likely to point people to my online business card over at about.me than slip someone an actual paper card.  There are times, though, when I am at an event or gathering and I do need some kind of calling card for folks to grab. At one point I used one of those “all you pay is the shipping” services, but in all honesty, they were not all that cheap and I found the designs and quality lacking. A few years ago I discovered moo.com and I have been using them ever since.  Moo.com offers unique and creative designs, high quality paper and an overall look that I am not sheepish when about handing out cards with my name on them.

The best part of moo.com is that the designs are all two-sided cards. Artists can use one side for their art and the other side for contact info or you can choose from a great selection of designs from people far more creative than yourself.  Moo.com is a little more expensive that those “free’ish” services, but if you go with them you will not be disappointed. Plus, they also have stickers, postcards and the packaging that they use to deliver their products . . . cool. In the past I have used the mini-cards, which have always generated some good conversations, but more recently I have gone to the traditional size with rounded corners and my QR code as the artwork. Yes, totally dorky. Whatever.

What are you waiting for? Order your moo.com cards today!

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