After going through the pre-requisite angst over writing a book such as this, I’m diving in. And while I have no delusions of grandeur about the scope and impact of this book, I do know that it will combine my passion for social media, my commitment to open source discernment and my belief that we are capable of having helpful and healthy conversations about race. But rather than go through the traditional publishing process, I am cashing in my relationship credits with friends, family and colleagues and using Kickstarter to, in essence, give me and a few others an advance.

Head on over to the project to read the story, back the project and/or share with friends [CLICK HERE].

Here is the video and Abby shot of me.

And here is how it is going so far with the end being midnight on December 9, 2012.
BRC's Self-publishing Endeavor -- A Book on Race. -- Kicktraq Mini

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