This morning I found myself tinkering with my youtube channel and I came across this video that I did a few years ago in response to a very public rash of teen suicide.

And then I remembered my friend and colleague who has been so genuinely sharing the pain, anguish and struggles as he deals with being the parent of a child who committed suicide. [blog]

And then I remember my friend whose father committee suicide.

And then I remember those close to me for whom the holiday season is incredibly difficult.

My 2010 self had to remind my 2012 self that, while my own struggles are very real, so many people, young and old, are dealing with their pain in isolation.

I remember that there is no wrong time to be present for those who may only need the slightest of gestures to remind them that there are places and people to turn to.

Suicide talk is awkward, it is uncomfortable and it is hard, but I am reminded that there is no wrong time to talk about suicide.

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