Seal of the President of the United StatesFour years ago, I had the privilege to attend Barack Obama’s first inauguration. This year, like many folks, my inauguration “viewing” was done primarily through social media. In my case, I “watched” the inauguration festivities via the hashtag #inaug2013 and my own twitter feed, @breyeschow.

Generally one who likes to snark, sass and critique with the best of them, I once again found myself enthralled with my president’s words of challenge for the United States as we move into the future. That said, I was not going to be totally quiet, so if you missed them, here were my three contributions to the twitter chatter:

One can be critical of his politics and policies, but to doubt@BarackObama’s intellect, compassion and patriotism — ludicrous.#inaug2013 [Original Tweet]

As left/right critiqued @BarackObama’s #inaug2013 speech before it was even over I’m reminded how hard it is for us to be still and listen. [Original Tweet]

If God has any sense of humor @BarackObama will end his speech by dropping the mic and walking away. #inaug2013 #WhyIAmNotInPublicOffice [Original Tweet]

You’re welcome and congratulations Mr. President.

If you were not able to watch the address, here it is via PBS News Hour.

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