ESPN Fantasy Baseball LogoI can barely contain my excitement. Pitchers and catcher have reported, baseball is in the news and it’s now time to get those Fantasy Leagues organized.


This will only be my second year playing fantasy baseball and, as you know, I have found it to be, not only a great stress-reliever, but it has given me a different way to experience community and a reason to stay engaged with the sport Jesus would have played 😉

This year I am going to have two leagues:

  • one, The Kaibigan LeagueKaibigan, the Tagalog word for “friend” will be a 12-team, head-to-head league — in this standard league you will play a different team each week, have play-offs and your team is only good for one season. This will be a “snake” draft.
  • two, The Esteban League – Named after my grandfather who instilled in me a love of baseball and the Oakland Athletics Baseball Club, this will be a more in-depth 12-team “legacy” or “keeper” league — the “keeper” league is a multi-year commitment where you will draft with the knowledge that you will keep six players from one year to the next. This league will have up to 26 categories, requiring a deeper knowledge of players and skills; and the draft will be an “auction” draft.Article: Which is better, a head to head or rotisserie league?

If you are interested in joining either league, please fill out this form BY FEBRUARY 28th and I will email you the links to the private leagues. In the event that we get more than 12 teams per league, I might consider expanding. Once participants are set, I’ll send out a survey so we can schedule draft dates that will take place sometime in mid/late-March.

Leagues are on ESPN Fantasy Baseball, so you may want to head on over, create an account and start researching players, reading up on league rules and the figuring out the nuances of fantasy baseball. This year I also plan to creating a Facebook Group and will be talking much more trash on Twitter . . . you have been warned.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and let’s play ball!

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