No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013 Lenten Thanks here.

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Each of my siblings is adventurous in their own way, but I think that it’s safe to say that the youngest, my little brother Kevin, has given his siblings the best answers to, “So what do your siblings do?” Kevin has always had a mind and spirit that have thrust him into endeavors that most would never have the determination, creativity or smarts to even consider: hyperbaric chamber operator, metal sculptor, EMT and, now, mixed martial artist. Def the “cool” uncle, there is a genuine love of life, empathy for others and determination of spirit that Kevin models for us all . . . especially his seven nieces.

Today I give thanks for my little bro, Kevin.

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