Flickr: vilseskogen

Flickr: vilseskogen

As I have shared before, I really don’t like the term, “Coach” when it comes to what is known as, well . . . “coaching” these days. But alas, one must choose battles wisely, so I’m just rolling with it. And with that, I have officially joined the consultant and coaching team at The Center for Progressive Renewal.

From my LinkedIn page:

As a ministry consultant and coach I hope to help congregations and individuals discover ways to, not only achieve set goals, but to do so with genuine integrity, joy and passion. I work with individuals, groups or churches and can focus on social media strategies, church planting or general ministry areas. Meetings are held face-to-face as necessary, but most coaching will utilize video and voice conferencing.

So . . . if you, your church or a group of colleagues are looking to, not only assess current strategies or come up with new ones, but also have some structured accountability and support in achieving those goals, lets talk.

You can visit MY COACHING INFO PAGE for some examples and references.

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