No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013 Lenten Thanks here.

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It seems appropriate that being March 8th and International Women’s Day, that I give thanks for those those women who have and will continue to shape my life and the world for the better. As liberated of a male as I would like believe myself to be, I know that without the women in my life who love me enough to both challenge and affirm me as I express my gender identity,  I would not grow into who God intents.  So today women who read this blog —  thank you for your lives and please count me as one more man who will continue to strives to stand with the women in my life and around the world who continue to struggle and fight for justice.

Today I give thanks for the women in my life.

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