No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013 Lenten Thanks here.


I don’t share much about my dad online, but figured this is a good time to give thanks for Bill Chow, my dad. For those of you who know my family background, you know that it would give any soap opera a run for its money, but suffice it to say, as I reflect on my life from the other side of 40, I am grateful for how things have turned out, especially with my dad. One of the hardest workers I know and willing to do anything for others, I am glad that I and my girls have this man in our lives.

Divorced from my mother at a very young age, I am grateful that over the years we have become more and more connected — and I trust that have influenced one another for the better. His generosity of his time, support and resources are truly amazing and I am thankful for his love, his presence and his cooking!

Today I give thanks for my dad, Bill.

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