No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013 Lenten Thanks here.

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Not only I am confident that Joel stopped my mother from flipping out on me on more than one occasion, he also taught me how to drive a manual, he modeled how to engage in thoughtful debate and he bestowed upon me some super mad packing skills. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to come into our crazy life in at such a young age, but I have always been grateful for his calm presence, his generosity of spirit and his chicken adobo. I look back on the days when, as a rebellious 13-year-old boy, I would walk out of the room mid-sentence whenever Joel entered and I am reminded that he loved me still . . . and for this I am thankful.

Today I give thanks for my stepdad, Joel.

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