Splash PoolWhile no new call is ever without its anxiety inducing moments, there is something about that first pastorate that simultaneously produces exuberance and terror. It’s almost like saying, “Oh no, they want me to be their pastor, now what?” and then you just dive in. And while there is something powerful about just jumping into the deep end of the pool to see if you can swim, I think it wise to make sure there are a few folks around JUST in case . . .

As I announced a ways back, I am joining the ranks of “coaching” as part of the team at the Center for Progressive Renewal. As I begin this adventure, I am hoping to start one or two coaching groups that are specifically focused on the first few years of congregational ministry.

I have chosen to begin with this focus* because, in my experience, it seems that many people in these first few years do not have access to the support networks and accountability structures that help them to navigate the complexities of this time in ministry. So unlike consulting where someone comes in and develops a plan of action that one can follow or not, this coaching group will be one that will help each person to think through specific goals and approaches in order to embody a posture of ministry that will help each person thrive in their particular context.

You can see my main coaching page for my approach to coaching, but, in short, the structure itself would consist of initial individual calls, monthly group conference calls, online interaction and occasional individual check-ins as needed. Groups will be limited to six people each and, while I am most familiar with the mainline denominations, these groups will be open to any tradition.

Fees, expenses and meeting structures are negotiable, so if you have any questions or want to talk more, please feel to contact me or CPR Coaching Coordinator, Gregg Carlson. You can also see my main coaching page or check out my references on LinkedIn.

* I do plan on starting other coaching groups: church planters, gen x pastors, etc. so if there is a group that you think might be good to think about, please let me know.

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