bruce reyes-chowFor nearly 20 years as a congregational pastor, it seemed that Sundays always happened — whether I was ready or not.

This month I am beginning a regular series of posts over at The Working Preacher, a project of Luther Seminary focused on preaching. I have offered posts there in the past, but, now that I am not longer regularly in a pulpit each week and have a little more time to step back and think about those years anguish and joy; I am going to try and reflect a bit more on the craft of preaching.

This is not going to be a “Six ways to be a better preacher” kind of place, but one where we can playfully and thoughtfully wrestle with the realities of the process and practice of proclaiming The Word of God.

So here is where I need YOUR help.

*cue holy sounding background music*

As you feel called, I would love for you to simply ask a question or two about any aspect of the craft of preaching and each column I respond to 2-4 of the best questions.  Think of this as a “Dear Abby . . .” for preaching, only ours will be a “Dear BRC . . .” and will have nothing to do with social etiquette or what gift to bring to an ex-wife’s wedding.

So if you have a situation and questions to offer, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will not include actual names, only your location, so please be as free/anonymous as you want . . . within reason 😉

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