Association of Presbtyerian Christian Educators 2014 San Jose

At the end of this month, I will be speaking and leading a workshop at the 2014 Annual Gathering of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educations (APCE) in San Jose. This year’s theme is ConnectED so I thought I would help folks connect to a few of the leaders who are helping to organize the event.

So . . . I have interviewed the two Co-directors of this years event, Anne Yee-Hibbs and Pam Ramseth to find out more about their own ministries and this year’s APCE gathering. You can also connect with this year’s gathering on Facebook, Twitter or by following the the hashtag, #apce2014. And yep, they are also both on Twitter: @PamRamseth and @ayhibbs.

And yes, you can still REGISTER FOR THE EVENT.

Now onto my interview with Anne Yee-Hibbs . . .

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Okay, who are you? Tell folks a little bit about where you serve, where you live and . . . how about one interesting or unique fact about you.

Ann Yee-Hibbs APCE 2014I am a Pastor in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  Last November I retired as the Regional Staff for Education and Leadership Development for the Synod of Southwestern Ontario.  Prior to that I served two pastoral charges in Southern  Ontario.  I am married to Rev. John Hibbs and we live in Dundas, Ontario which is part of the city of Hamilton.

One unique fact I am a third generation Chinese Canadian.

In the world of Presbyterian alphabet soup lingo, I grew up hearing about APCE, but didn’t actually know what it meant for an embarrassingly long time. When did you get involved, how did you come to chair the annual event and for a BRAND NEW person briefly explain APCE.

The first Annual Event I attended was in 1992 in Cincinnati Ohio.   I was looking for a continuing education opportunity where I could gain some new ideas and resources.  I was impressed by the number of practical workshops that were being offered.   At the event the inspiring worship, great plenary sessions and the opportunity to meet other pastors and educators and to share ideas and the great workshops were beyond my wildest expectations.

I have been returning to the Annual Event every since.

I served on the APCE cabinet as the first Asian representative.

I would tell a new comer about all the wonderful opportunities to experience practical workshops, to participating in uplifting worship and hear plenary presentations by well known presenters.  Meeting friends and making new ones.

Serving as the Co-Chair of the 2014 Annual Event allows me to work with Pam who is a friend and great colleague. What a blessing!!

APCE is an organization which is a partnership with educators from the PCUSA, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Christian Reform Church, the Reform Church in America, and the Movarian Church. Pastors and educators find the Annual Event a great continuing education opportunity.  However, many of the people  who attend the Annual Event are volunteers who serve as church school teachers, youth and congregational leaders, adult bible class leaders.

 This year’s theme, ConnectED, can be taken many different ways. What can folks expect from this year’s theme, venue, etc.? Basically, why should be come to APCE 2014?

We hope that ConnectED will offer opportunities for participants to learn new and exiting ways to share the stories of faith in a rapidly changing world by appropriate the gifts of technology.   To be exposed to new and exciting educational resources and curriculums. As someone recently said the message has not changed but the way in which we deliver the message has!!

People should come to APCE to take advantage of the learning opportunities and networking with others who share a passion for educational ministry in the church.

If someone is thinking about attending for the first time, can you give 2-3 “newbie” tips.

  • Choose your workshops early.
  • Book your hotel room and if you need a roommate let us know.
  • If you have any questions don’t be bashful — ask!!

Okay, pay it forward a bit. Share 2-3 organizations that you think are doing some great work in the world and more folks should know about them.

  • Vibrant faith ministries:
  • Presbyterian World Service and Development:
  • Free the Children:

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Thanks to Anne Yee-Hibbs, Pam Ramseth (my interview with Pam) and others who are giving of so much time and effort.  Again, you can connect with the event on FacebookTwitter or by following the the hashtag, #apce2014.  I will be there most of the event, so hope to see you there!

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