FitBit Flex - Bruce Reyes-ChowOkay fine, I’m giving in and joining the parade of hopeful dieters that storm the sedentary cream cheese covered castle every new year in the hopes to finally get fit.

So bring it on, 2014 I’m trying another diet and exercise routine! And while my inner “are you kidding me” is mocking me right now, I figure there could be worse things to try . . . and it would be worse to NOT try at all.

Like many others who have seen their waistline expand and the out-of-breath elves attacking when engaging in such strenuous tasks as tying ones shoes, I am joining the ranks of those obnoxious FitBitters, RunKeepers and others who love to flaunt their fitness journey in the face of those of us who are just fine stuffing our pie-holes with diet coke, non-fat labeled foods and well, pie.

This all started after my lil’ sis jumped on board, I posted an update on Facebook asking for thoughts on the whole Fitbit crazy.

Fitbit Facebook Update Reyes-Chow

As usual folks left some great suggestions and feedback, but the best was from from my friend and colleague here in SF when he offered to pass his old Fitbit Flex on to me because he moved up to the fancy schmancy Fitbit Force. All it would cost me is a pound of the finest coffee that I could find [Philz].

So here I begin the new year with the hopes to lose 25-30 pounds by walking 10,000 steps, six days a week and eating a little better.  In all seriousness, this is a good thing. I would love to get off of my blood pressure meds, not get winded so easily and quiet that, voice in my head that keeps on poking and prodding me with, “Dude, get healthy or die young.”

Bruce Reyes-Chow on FitbitAnd while these goals seem a bit lofty, there was a time this year when I was up to three miles a day. Our dog usually quits after about two, but now my middle daughter has taken to running, so maybe she can be one of my new motivators.

I am also trying  a few apps . . . of course.

Fitbit – Along with the online support, the app is quite fun. The pic to the right is from my first day, December 31. It is really easy to use and is the best way to keep your FitBit device synced up throughout the day.

Runkeeper – Gah. All of you runners in my life are now mocking me. You and your well defined calves can just shuddup 🙂 While I will never say never, I’m more of a walker, so if you are hoping for a “I RAN a marathon yesterday before finishing up my dissertation on the nature of God” tweet, not going to happen. Still, this app is pretty cool because it will give you a variety of ways to track and share your activity stats. I love the GPS map that shows where I walk: creepy and awesome. This integrates with the FitBit App.

MyFitnessPal – Not sure if I’ll try this one immediately, but looks like a good way to track food, calories, etc. At this early stage, if I can get moving more and just eat less, I’ll start there. Maybe later, I’ll add the calorie tracking. Also integrates with the FitBit App.

PactApp – Okay, so this one is interesting. This is basically an app for those who need a little more motivation. How it works is that you make a pact with yourself for how many days out of the week you will walk 10,000 steps.  When you miss a day, you pay $5  for each infraction, but when you complete your goal each week, you get PAID. In my case, I am committing to 10,000 steps six days a week. For every day over that one day off that I don’t do it, zing, I get charged $5, but for each week that I DO make my six days, I get $3.00. PactApp connects to Fitbit, but also had pacts that can be tracked via RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal. If you decide to use this, feel free to use my referral code “BURNBRUCE” and we’ll each get $5 after your first workout.

I think that’s about it. I hope you have a wonderful new year.

I’m now off for a walk!

FitBit Flex on Amazon

FitBit Flex on Amazon

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