So, yeah, my blog has changed AGAIN because . . .

  • I got tired of my blog design.
  • I decided to stop blogging over at Pathoes.
  • I finished a couple of big projects and tricked myself into thinking that I actually had some free time and that the productivity elves appear and finish my remaining big projects.

In any case, voila, a new blog.

I am still working out some kinks primarily, I need to complete my about page and I may have done something weird when formatting my home page, as the home page links to the blog posts don’t work. Kinda important.

I did pay for this theme and have been very impressed with the support from the theme author, so I suspect that all of the nooks and crannies will be taken care of soon.

If you have not subscribed to my blog in the past, that’s cool, but if you want to you may do so here.

Thanks for reading.

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