Bruce Reyes-Chow, 1987This very short blog series is from a recently discovered print-out (dot matrix on perforated computer paper) of a short-lived journal that I kept during the final semester of my senior year at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, CA — in 1987.

I have replaced names with random initials, though those who were in my life during that time will easily be able to figure out who everyone is. I have also kept everything as is with helpful clarifications in [brackets].


February 11, 1987

Today I won President again [Junior Achievement – Yeah, I was THAT cool]. The company is really good. I think they will be really successful if they try.

K. and I are going out tomorrow night, I have no idea where we’re going but oh well. Maybe I’ll ask my parents if they want to go out on a double date so they can meet her. Today during computers V. and I made L. feel so bad about going out alone that he changed his mind [Have no idea what this was about].

J. and I finally finished our page and it was good! She’s really nice and easy to get along with so I could see us getting to be good friends. V. begged me all day to play hardball [“hardball” was the term we used for not getting attached to any one girl] with him but I really don’t know if I can go through with it. I would feel really guilty about it and like V. says I fall in love too easily.

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