Possibly from the actual rose delivery day. *smh*

This very short blog series is from a recently discovered print-out (dot matrix on perforated computer paper) of a short-lived journal that I kept during the final semester of my senior year at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, CA — in 1987.

I have replaced names with random initials, though those who were in my life during that time will easily be able to figure out who everyone is. I have also kept everything as is with helpful clarifications in [brackets].


February 6, 1987

L’s. b-day is today. We’re going to take him out on Saturday, probably to the “Golden Arches” and then to Old Sac to finish the tape [I have absolutely no recollection of what “the tape” was]. I think Mrs. K. might like my writing. She really didn’t say anything about the story. I hope she likes my work, everyone knows how I take critisism [sic]. I am going to give K. a rose today, I hope I am not pushing too fast, but what’s life without a little chance taking?

February 6, 1987, 5:45pm

Well, I gave K. the rose and when I went over there, there was this Camaro or something sitting in her driveway. I don’t know who’s it is. Maybe it was a girlfriends because it had a stuffed animal on the dash, then again it could be some guy that I don’t know about. Oh well, it’s not like we’re together or anything. Today at Y’s F., D., V., and I got the whole restaurant to sing L. Happy Birthday. It was really funny, one of the things good enough to write about. Well, I’m off to the basketball game. Burbank vs. Cordova.

February 6, 1987, 11:25pm

Just got back form the game, we lost. I could not believe how badly Cordova cheated. It was pretty bad. L., Y., D., K2., and I went to Tera Roxa afterwards for coffee. Tomorrow all of us guys are taking L. out for his birthday. Y. wanted to go but we wouldn’t let her because it is a night for the guys only. I should have brought K. tonight because K2 says that it’s hard for her to talk to Y. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea for K2 and K. to get along so well. That might prove dangerous to D. or me.

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