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We work so hard — Photo: Ireney07

This past weekend, I had the privilege of hanging out with the folks at the 2014 Annual GAthering of the Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators held in San Jose. Along with Brian McClaren and Barbara Essex, we tried to engage the group in helpful conversations about “connection” to a variety of things. As always, these gatherings feel like mini-family reunions and are filled with great conversations, awkward moments and a genuine yearning to figure out what God is doing with us in the first place.

For my part, I lead a workshop on social media in the church. This is a constantly evolving version of the one I have been teaching since the release of my social book last in 2012.  Below are the slides from the workshop, The Definitive-ish Workshop on Using Social Media in the Church.

And then on Saturday, I riffed off of some previous thoughts about how to disconnect from the next generation. Folks raised some great questions from the previous night’s conversation between Brian and myself, so in the middle of the night I scrapped my talk on race and went with, We disconnect from the next generation when… Below are the slides from that presentation followed by the video I showed at the end, A Generation asks WTF?

And the video that I used . . .

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