Flickr Photo: OSinOH

Flickr Photo: OSinOH

Still not giving up Social Media for Lent.

While some choose to give something up for lent, as I did in 2013, in 2014 I will again take on a discipline. This year, because my prayer life has been less than spectacular as of late, I am going to offer a daily prayer (whatever hits me each morning) along with a video or some other resource. I have also listed a few more at the end of this post.

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Sometimes I want to fix what I see as broken

I want to fix fear, sadness, naiveté

I want to fix people, systems, myself

God, remind me that some have no need to be fixed

By me

By anyone


Grey Line for Reyes-Chow Blog

Not many of us will go to this extreme, but this great Moth story begs the question, “Who are we trying to save when we are trying to save others?” I give you Taco Bell, Saving Souls and the Korean Jesus from Andy Kim.

See all of my 2014 Lenten prayers here and here is a good Lent 101 article from my denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Other Daily Lenten Disciplines.

If you know others to leave a comment here or on my FB Status.

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