In light of the various narratives about why people are leaving or should leave the Presbyterian Church (USA), I recently posed the question, Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?  Here is one more person sharing why they are staying in the Presbyterian Church (USA) . . .

Cassie MatthewName: Cassie Matthew
How are related to the PC(USA): 25+ year member
On Twitter:

Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?:

I stay because of the acceptance of diversity and the theological teachings of the Jesus guided by the Bible. I also stay because I like a governing body, however that is not to say yo cannot leave your session unaccountable.
We had a major split . . . lost 400-800, we kept the church with a strong remnant of believers (25 members). We are thriving, and healthy, but starting a mission study to find God’s discernment, since HE is who GUIDES us.

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