In light of the various narratives about why people are leaving or should leave the Presbyterian Church (USA), I recently posed the question, Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?  Here is one more person sharing why they are staying in the Presbyterian Church (USA) . . .

Rev. Julie HodgesName: Julie Hodges
How are related to the PC(USA): Pastor
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On Twitter: @revjulieh

Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?:

I am a life-long PCUSA daughter. It is the church in which I grew to know and love Jesus as Lord and Savior. It is the church that helped me discover my call to ordained ministry and helped to educate and train me as a pastor.  These are difficult days, as the whole world wrestles with deep differences on many issues, including our understanding of how to interpret and live out Scripture’s demands.  While my own congregation prepares to vote to leave for ECO, I will remain with the PCUSA because I still see the Lord’s grace and mercy at work here. I believe we must continue to dialogue and wrestle together with how to faithfully live out the Gospel.  It may be a difficult road, but if the church cannot model how to get along with differences and make allowance for them–on both sides of the theological divide–then how will the rest of the world view us or Christ? I will remain as an “evangelical” to help create new models of community and grace, for the sake of Jesus and His love for all of us.

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