Here are a few shots of a recent training session with my brother-in-law, Rudy who is a newly certified personal trainer and the guy behind the new fitness group, Fitness Across the Board (FATB*).

Please hold your laughter to a minimum.


I have committed to yet ANOTHER try gettin’ fit. Like many folks, I go through phases. I don’t feel guilty about my fits and starts, but rather see them as away I keep trying. This time, in exchange for helping with his website and some social media counsel, Rudy is going to get this 45-year-old body into shape before the family Hawaii vacation this summer! No, I’m next expecting any miracles, but I am hoping for a little less husky boy.

I will admit, during the first couple of session, there was that moment – usually during some much needed ab work – where I thought I just might barf. Breath Bruce, slow down Bruce, pace yourself Bruce . . . all good. No barfing. Yet 🙂

One thing to know about this “boot camp” styled workout is that it is not boring. The one-hour session goes basically like this:

  • Stretch and warm-up
  • Eight 30-second stations with 15 second breaks
  • Three rounds of the stations with a one-minute break
  • Finisher workout
  • Cool down and stretch

I have brought one of my daughters to a session and this summer my soccer playing daughter is going to join in, so all levels are welcome. Rudy is encouraging and has you do what is challenging, but not a strain. Each person can take each station at the pace that feels best and, since this is NOT a competition – you hear me soccer playing daughter – the satisfaction comes from making through all three rounds and in my case — not barfing.

You can see Rudy’s entire schedule here, but if you would like to join me, your first class is free and Rudy is running a Summer deal, $49 per month for as many group session as you can take. I am a regular at the 7:30am Saturday sessions at the music concourse in Golden Gate Park. Get a good workout in before 9:00 and you have the rest of the day to feel those muscles burn 😉

If you want to find out more about what Fitness Across the Board offers, you can contact Rudy via email or @FitnessATB on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also find him on

Hope to see you soon!

* FATB ≠ Fat Bruce 😛

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