Back in the day, Saturday morning was for cartoon watching, but alas, times are a changing and it’s all video clips all the time. So if you harken back for those days and you don’t happen to be one of those “consultant” types who gets to spend all day online, you may be missing out on some great stuff. Never fear, I shall be your Youtube eyes and will post a roundup of videos that I have stumbled upon along by week.

I hope they will inspire, illuminate and entertain. Please feel free to send me videos that you think others might be interested is seeing via twitter or Facebook. I will also keep a complete Saturday Video Roundup list here on my Youtube Channel.

Grey Line for Reyes-Chow Blog

A Conference Call in Real Life

7.6 million views late — this one from  Tripp and Tyler, this is so funny because it is so true.

 Three Things About The Donald Sterling Tape

So glad to see a new video from Jay Smooth as he comments on the Donald Sterling tapes.

Gendered Marketing

From Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge, this is really really good . . . brilliant in fact.

Momma Hold my Hand

I am not a big “Mothers’ Day” proponent, but this from Aloe Blacc, Mihalj “Miki” KeKenj and Jaybo is a great one in its beauty and story.

Grey Line for Reyes-Chow Blog

If you value your time, do NOT get a Google Chromecast. On the other hand, if you like laying around on the couch in your jammies watching Youtube videos all day while eating chips, go for it . . . you didn’t really  those hours anyway 😉 

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