#BRCFriendQuotes -- Najeeba Syeed-MillerOne of the aspects of this season of my life as a speaker and consultant, is that I have the privilege of traveling to interesting places, engaging with a variety of groups and meeting interesting people. Over the years, I have developed friendships with a wildly wise cast of characters. From the prophet to the pastor to the poet, the work and ministry in which some of my friends are engaged is truly inspiring and certainly meme-worthy.

So . . . I have begun to create and compile images with quotes from my friends. Not only have I enjoyed the process of finding the quotes and creating the images, I have found this practice to be a way to let my friends know that they are being heard, to build community between strangers and to help spread words of peace, grace and love.

You can see and share the growing list of quotes via my Facebook Album, the Pinterest Board or on Twitter using #BRCFriendQuotes.

But, “How do I choose the quotes?” you ask?

Well, that is a good question. Honestly, I don’t think too much about what, when or who, but simply let the Spirit move as She will. Thus far the quotes have been shared via Twitter and have come from folks with whom have some personal connection, they have shared words that moved my soul, and I had a few spare moment in the day to research, create, and share.

I know I miss many a great quotable throughout the day, so if you have a suggestion, please let me know via the form below. I do ask that the quote be posted online somewhere (Preferably Twitter) so I can do a little due diligence about the quote, the person, etc. You can feel free to offer your own quote, the words of a friend and/or something you read and thought to yourself, “Bruce should totally #BRCFriendsQuote that!”

I do not promise to use them all, but you never know . . .


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