Girls with Skateboard Teacher, Noah McManus Skateboard Girls in the Mission District, San Francisco

This summer my two youngest daughters wanted to learn how to skateboard.

Not really sure why skateboarding, but whenever they want to try something that has not been traditionally defined as a “girls” activity, I’m all for it. Knowing nothing about skateboarding, I helped organize a casual camp week where my daughters and their friends had skateboarding lessons in the morning and then did some random activities in the afternoon.

Noah McManusIt took a while to find a skateboard teacher in San Francisco, as I really wanted to find a female skater. In the end, I was not able to find any female skaters, but eventually someone connected me with Noah McManus, a skateboard teacher at James Lick Middle School — and we are so glad they did. He worked wonders with the girls. From being nervous about getting on the board for the first time, by the end of their lessons, they are dropping off, doing ollies and starting shove-its. But more than the skills they picked up, Noah made the process of learning an enjoyable activity, so much so, that the girls have been on their boards for hours on end: on the front sidewalk, in the living room, wherever we go . . . etc.

Noah brings a richness to the learning experience that was great to witness. After only a few minutes of conversations his deep love and commitment to the sport became clear. Not only does Noah run the Jamestown Community Skateboard Club, but he is deeply connected to the skateboard culture in San Francisco as evidence by his connection to Skate Jawn Magazine. Oh and he helped to design a great science of skateboarding exhibit at the Exploratorium. Yeah, he knows his stuff.

Noah also helped answer many of my newbie questions, gave some great advice about skateparks and pointed us to Mission Skate [My Yelp review] where middle schoolers with a 3.0 GPA get 20% off of their set-up.  And if that’s not enough to convince you, here is a quick video about the skate club that Noah runs at James Lick Middle school.

Jamestown Skateboard Club from David Noonan on Vimeo. Filmed by Tom Gorelik.

This Fall we will continue to have the occasional lessons, but so if you too are looking for a Skateboard Teacher in San Francisco, adult or kids, I would highly recommend Noah. He communicates well, is flexible and rates were reasonable for both group and individual lessons. If you want to contact him, feel free to contact me and I’ll make the connection.

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