40 Word Prayer for Seasons of LifeDuring Lent of 2014, I challenged myself to write a 40-word prayer for each day of Lent. While this was not a particularly profound accomplishment, I was fed by the challenge to craft word into a prayers that I felt were true to my understanding of God in my life and the world.

So it’s with this discipline in mind that I am going to keep it up and offer up 40 Word Prayers from time to time. I hope they are helpful to you as they are to me.

Let us pray . . .

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Prayer for Seasons of Life

When Fall turns to Winter and Winter to Spring
let me embrace the seasons of life

From highs and lows
From joy to sorrow and back again
From birth to breath and life to death

God, make yourself known


Bruce Reyes-Chow Blog

Thanks to folks who have shared their feedback about these prayers. I deeply appreciate your taking the time to contact me and I am humbled by the affirmations offered. Thanks you. Please take some time to visit and share from the growing list of  40 Word Prayers on this blog, on Pinterest and on Facebook. You can also share via the hashtag, #40wordprayer.

Tools: For word counting I use wordcounter and for image creation I use canva.

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