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Today on BRC and Friends, I spoke with John Burns. Enjoy.

September 16, 2014
11:30-noon PDT

Recap and more info about John Burns is below.

Bruce Reyes-Chow

John Burns on BRC and Friends with Bruce Reyes-ChowJohn is a father, husband and attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina. With three children, a law practice and a long dedication to youth ministry at First Presbyterian Church. Not really needing any other projects in a pretty busy life, this year, he has taken on the challenge of running for the Wake County Board of Commissioners and is the Democratic nominee to take on an incumbent Commissioner in November, 2014.
Wake County is the second fastest-growing county in America, and recently passed one million residents, with another million expected by 2035. Politico magazine just named Wake the most important county in the country in the 2014 elections. The chance to help shape Wake County’s response to the challenges and opportunities posed by such growth, and his growing dissatisfaction with policies being pursued by a divisive and overly political County Commission led him to take on this challenge. Ultimately, John wanted to show his children that taking responsibility for your community means doing something more than just yelling at the television, and he wants to help make sure that the Wake County of 2035 offers the same great opportunity to his children and grandchildren as it has opened up for him. In order to do that, our County Commission needs to reach across partisan divides and begin to lead the County in providing a first-class public school system, treating our teachers as valued professionals, and building a 21st Century transportation network that includes mass transit.

John is originally from High Point, NC. He is a lifelong Presbyterian and the son of two public school teachers. After public high school in High Point,  he graduated from Davidson College with a degree in political science and eventually earned his law degree from Wake Forest University after a stint at McGill University School of Law in Montreal, which he attended while on a Rotary Ambassadorial Fellowship. He is a commercial litigator, and advise his clients in how to avoid, resolve or prevail in complex business disputes. His pro bono work has been focused on representing individuals in wrongful eviction cases and the representation of children who have been denied Medicaid coverage for bone marrow transplants. His real passions include working with high school youth in the ministry of our church, which he did for eight years, including many trips to Montreat. Beyond that, he will spend all other free time playing with or coaching his kids or loudly following Davidson Basketball and the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Episode Recap: John Burns


Segment 1: John talks a bit about Wake County and his run to be on the Board of Commissioners: why he is doing it, his hopes for the county and the impact on his family.

Segment 2: We talk about John’s love of hockey as well as the situations in the NFL around domestic violence and disciplining your child.

Segment 3:

Q1: Comfort food: Ice Cream and and he’s a cookies-n-cream.
Q2: TV Show that you wish would make a comeback: Knight Rider
Q3: Something your friends would say you might be a little obsessed about: Davidson College and Davidson Basketball
Q4: Tickets for a round trip all-expenses paid one-month excursion arrive at your home. Where is the destination? New Zealand
Q5: Paying it forward, one organization that more people should know about: Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation.


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