Leslie Rodriguez and Joshua Wolak on BRC and Friends with Bruce Reyes-ChowBRC and Friends is a 30-minute Google Hangout where I chat with friends and adventurers from around the interwebs. Each episode includes conversations about one of my guests passions, projects or area of expertise, a current events or two and we end with five random questions. This is basically an excuse for me to talk with interesting people about interesting things.

Today on BRC and Friends, I spoke with Leslie Rodrriguez and Joshua Wolak from the Nashville-based band, Humming House. Enjoy.

October 7, 2014
9:00am PDT

Recap and more info about Leslie and Josh are below the video.

Bruce Reyes-Chow

Leslie Rodriguez of Humming House

Leslie Rodriguez is a vocalist and percussionist in the Nashville-based group Humming House. A Nashville-transplant, Leslie grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Nashville in 2004 to attend Belmont University. After graduating from Belmont in 2008, Leslie pursued a Master’s Degree at the Center for Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University. In 2010 she graduated with her MA and enrolled in the Sociology PhD program at Vanderbilt to pursue interests in immigration and race. She finished her second Master’s degree in 2013 and put her academic career on hold to pursue her passion for music with Humming House. When she is not on the road with HH, she runs a photography business in Nashville. She also spends her time working on a side projectHickory Slims with Joshua Wolak, mandolin player for Humming House. She is married to Javier Rodriguez and they live with their two dogs in East Nashville.

JJoshua Wolak of Humming Houseoshua Wolak plays mandolin for and is one of the founding members of Americana band Humming House. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has performed with many other acts and been involved in numerous recording sessions. Currently, he has been writing songs for his personal side project, Hickory Slims, which features Joshua on a soulful lead vocal and guitar alongside Humming House cohort and longtime collaborator, Leslie Rodriguez. While not playing music, Joshua facilitates adventurous competitions which raise money for charity (a la Ravenchase Adventures), pretends to have capable home improvement skills with his wife Sandy, and uses ancient alchemical secrets to search for the perfect bourbon-based cocktail. He is also a social media junkie: as the moderator of Humming House’s Twitter account, you can sift through his wit in 140-character form – accompanied, of course, by the occasional cat meme.

You can pick up Humming House tracks on itunes.

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Episode Recap: Leslie Rodriguez and Joshua Wolak


Segment 1:

In the first segment, we learn how Josh and Leslie first met and started singing together. Josh explains how he was very careful with his words when asking her about joining Humming House, that she “might, possibly, maybe” be able to audition for Humming House. They talk a bit about the “glamour” of touring including, longs moments of waiting, having to step away from other people a bit and how to stay connected to their spouses while they are on the road. They also talk about fans and how some have turned into friends offering places to stay on tour and giving them a piece of “home” while on tour.

[14:10] Leslie and Josh then played a song from their side project, Hickory Slims, Skippin’ Stones. 

They then shared about the next tour dates mostly on the east coast including stops in Philadelphia, New York, DC,  Uncasville and the Go Outside Festival in Roanoke, VA.

Segment 2: [19:56]

In the second segment we talk a little social media as all three of us are a tad bit into using the interwebs. They have found that the connections made via social media has been powerful in nurturing relationships with fans, gaining legitimacy and maintaining connections to home.

Segment 3: [23:34]

Q1: Wht was your first concert? 

Leslie: Girls Night Out Tour featuring: Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Sara Evans, Jamie O’Neal, and Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Josh: Bill Gaither’s vocal group

Q2: Movie is going to be made of your life. Leslie, who plays Josh and Josh who plays Leslie?

Leslie to be played by Lucy Lui and Josh will be played by Colin Firth.

Q3: What was your first or your worst job was?

Leslie: At 13 worked at a custard creamery scooping custard.
Josh: Target . . . until he was told that his red shirts were not red enough.

Q4: If you got to change places with one person for one day (you get their gifts, skills and resources), who would it be:

Leslie: J.K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin so she can start a book and they have to finish it.
Josh: White suit-wearing, cigar-smoking plantation owner in Cuba . . . until the revolution.

Q5: Paying it forward, one organization that more people should know about:

Apparently Sunday Morning Pancake Mix from  My Friend Who Loves to Cook is the bees knees, so much so that Josh has written a little jingle for them. BE sure to listen at [26:46] to get a first listen to this catchy diddy.

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