Laptop Evolution[Post updated on 10.23.14]

Like many who are trying to find alternatives to PC or Apple products, I have been seriously considering shifting to a Chromebook. I have written about the possibility of using a Chromebook as my only computer before, but with the recent addition of a Samsung Chromebook 2 to my laptop timeline, this is no longer an intellectual exercise.

I am now using a Chromebook as my only computer.

Here are some of the topics I’ll take on. I will try to be as honest as possible about the struggles, but ultimately I am going to try help others who are going through this transition. I’ll include my own thoughts and experience as well as some posts from others who have also taken the plunge.

  • List of apps and programs that work on a Chromebook
  • List of apps and programs that do not work on a Chromebook
  • Moving from Keynote to Google Slides
  • Moving from Dropbox to Google Drive
  • Photo editing using a Chromebook
  • Using a Chromebook without Wi-Fi
  • Video Conference using a Chromebook
  • TBA

This list will expand as I get deeper and deeper into using the Chromebook, but if you have other topics you want to me explore or investigate, please let me know. This is the fourth Chromebook that we have had in our home, so I’m pretty committed to making this work for myself and others.

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