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UPDATE: 11/04/14 – tweet from @HGIAustin,

Agreed! We will NOT be hosting this event at our hotel.

UPDATE: 11/04/14 – tweet from @ComoMelbourne,

Following an objective review, we are in the process of advising Real Social Dynamics of our decision not to proceed as their event venue.

[SIGN THE PETITION] Urge the Como Melbourne Hotel to cancel 11/6 Real Social Dynamics event.

A decade ago, Will Smith starred in the movie, Hitch. He played a “date-doctor” helping clueless men to meet, woo and marry the woman of their dreams because they lacked the social skills to do it for themselves. It’s an old plot: the fumbling dude who is too shy to talk to women and the women who are too shallow to give them the time of day.  Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . pudgy, but nice boy gets the beautiful, but shallow girl.


So yesterday, #takedownjulienblanc, started by @JenLi123 was brought to my attention thanks to a RT from Suey Park. Hitch has been remade though this time with a misogynistic, racist, and abusive take.  Be forewarned, you may need a shower after seeing, hearing and reading some of this.

So now let me introduce you to Real Social Dynamics, from their bio page:

RSD specializes in dating advice, image consultation, public representation, and integrating clients into social scenes . . . RSD’s dating coaching branch is a top-tier operation, run by the firm’s best instructors, who invested thousands of hours of field research over the years meeting attractive women, and interviewing the world’s most popular dating book authors, image consultants, and executive coaches.

As a coach myself who focuses on pastoral leadership, social media and church planting, I am not at all surprised that there are coaches who specialize in dating and relationships. I actually have no problem with that, in fact, more power to people who are seeking new ways to understand themselves and the ways they interact in the world.

But — now let me introduce you to Julien Blanc, one of RSD’s dating coaches.

TRIGGER WARNING – This is basically Julien Blanc explaining that it is okay for white guys to sexually and physically assault women in Tokyo.

And a little more charming social media content from Mr. Blanc.

Julien Blanc #takedownjulienblanc

Tweet from @RSDKJulien on 10/10/14

This first image is from his twitter account where he uses the hashtag, #ChokeOpener. This shot is one of many that one can only assume is part of his other hashtag #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld.

The next image is from his instagram account where he takes a chart about domestic abuse intervention, titles it, “May as well be a checklist…” and uses the hashtag #HowToMakeHerStay.

Julien Blanc #TakeDownJulienBlanc

From Julien Blancs Instagram Account, 2014

If you want more, just scroll through #takedownjulienblanc on twitter.

So why have I chosen to speak out about this particular situation?

Folks will say that the best thing to do is to ignore this kind of thinking and don’t bring any attention to these kinds of people. While I understand the point, I don’t agree when it comes to folks who are already popular. Those who are looking for this kind of misogynistic teaching will find folks like Julien Blanc and Real Social Dynamics easily enough and I am confident that my attention will not bring them any new clients.

Some will also respond with, “You’re wasting your time, what about [insert cause, injustice or passion that they think I should pay more attention to]?” While I often appreciate, the pushback, I refuse to participate in the injustice Olympics. We must all make choices about when, where and how we lend our energy and influence and I simply have some energy and space to devote to this moment in time.

Plus this kind of stuff just pisses me off.

My participating in #takedownjulienblanc is not just to bring attention to a message and perspective that I find bankrupt and destructive, but to join my voice to the many others who want him to be held accountable for actions.  For me, #takedownjulienblanc means seeking justice for the women he has assaulted and possibly avoiding the assault of women in the future by him or the people who choose to believe these actions are acceptable.

Julien Blanc and Real Social Dynamics, if proven to be complicit, must be held accountable for any and all illegal actions as well as deal with financial ramifications that come from the message they espouse. From the pictures, videos and certainly from his own admission he has sexually and physically assaulted numerous women and should be prosecuted and their actions shown not to be ones that anyone should see as acceptable forms of interaction.

What you can do!

I did tweet out @RSDJulien  as well as to @RSDNation seeking any response to the #takedownjulienblanc and the Tokyo video, but as of the publishing of this post, no response. I will update if I hear anything from them.

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