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Daily prayers, images and videos from Bruce Reyes-Chow

Every year about this time, bloggers, photographers, and others embark on a journey of sharing a thought, an image or a prayer each day of the year. And while I have no delusions about being able to complete all 365 – I have only once completed all 365 days of a year – I am going to try again in 2015.

This time, though, I’m taking my friends with me. Not only will I be posting my own daily reflections on various sites, but I’ll be choosing one offering from someone else each day and add it my storify, Best of the 2015 Daily Memes. If  you want me to see yours, tag  with #BRC356 on any of the places below.

Word Prompts and Connections for #BRC365

Each day I will post to at least one, and sometimes all, of the following social networks. I can be found via “breyeschow” and will use the hashtag #BRC365.You can see all posts for the year HERE or  like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter where I’ll also be sharing the links.

Instagram LogoOn Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing network where folks share the magnificent and the mundane of life through pictures. This is one of my favorite places to interact with people because I get to see the world through a variety of sets of eyes.

* be sure to use #my_365 as well.

Bruce Reyes-Chow on VineOn Vine

Vine is a network where people share six second videos about pretty much anything. This is where “the kids” are hanging out these days, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll stop if my kids think I’m trying too hard.

Bruce Reyes-Chow on Instapray AppOn Instapray

Instapray is a mobile app that allows people lift up prayers and others can join in. Fair warning, this tends to be a more theologically conservative space than I am used to, but I am attempted to, in good faith, offer some different understandings and experiences of God.

Other daily hashtags:

Others who are attempting a daily thing in 2015:


If you want to join in, these are the prompts for each day adapted from, my mind, 365 One Word Art Journal Promptsand @my_365 on Instagram.Prompts via gCalendar:
xml | html | icalDaily picks on Storify

  • #day1: #hope
  • #day2: #beauty
  • #day3: #home*
  • #day4: garden
  • #day5: #favorite*
  • #day6: secret
  • #day7: family*
  • #day8: thankful
  • #day9: kindness
  • #day10: door*
  • #day11: word
  • #day12: word
  • #day13: word
  • #day14: word
  • #day15: word
  • #day16: word
  • #day17: word
  • #day18: word
  • #day19: word
  • #day20: word
  • #day21: word
  • #day22: word
  • #day23: word
  • #day24: word
  • #day25: word
  • #day26: word
  • #day27: word
  • #day28: word
  • #day29: word
  • #day30: word
  • #day31: word
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