Bruce Reyes-Chow. Lent 2015Like many Christians, Lent, the time when we remember the 40 days and nights that Jesus spent wandering in the wilderness before his death and resurrection, is an important one. For some, this is a time to give something up: a favorite food like chocolate, caffeine, or bread; or a bad habit like swearing, smoking, or Facebook. Others honor this time in Jesus’ life by taking ON a spiritual discipline or practice that draws one closer to God and away from temptation. Whichever the case, each is built on the idea that Lent is a time of preparation, reflection, and rejection of those things that draw us away from God.

Way back in 2010, I wrote a post, Should You Give Up Social Media for Lent? where I explained why folks may NOT want to give up social media for Lent. In the past I have done a few things like 40 days of Lenten Thanks and 40 Prayers in 40 Words for 40 Days so I do believe that doing something, taking something on or giving something up, is important. For Lent 2015 I am going to try something a little less structured that in the past and get back to a practice that I have not engaged in since high school, no, not practicing my break dance battle moves — journaling.

Each evening in Lent, I am going to sit down and muse about the day. I’ll give myself a little structure so it will not just be a recounting of the day’s itinerary, but a sharing any reflections I have on the day, where God showed up, what made me smile, where brokenness was made known and the occasional meal prepared by angels.

While I’m doing this in a public way – old school blogging – it really is going to be a place of personal reflection. I will try my best not to overshare – though some may think journaling in public IS oversharing – I will not share any stories that are not mine to share, and I will honor conversations had with friends and family.

So yeah, this really will be about me . . . me, myself, and God.

If you are doing something, feel free to share it in the comment sections so others can join you on this Lenten journey.

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