Eighth Day of Lent

February 26, 2015

I need “people.”

Sometimes I just wish I had someone to blame for my screw-ups. This week I somehow managed to mis-calendar two meetings. I called one person early and TOTALLY forgot about another one. It seems that for a few days last week, Wednesday and Thursday were one in the same. REALLY wish I had someone I could toss under the bus, but alas — it was all me, staff of one.

Maybe I’ll make someone up. “Sorry about that, you can blame my scheduling director, Bob.”

And while folks were gracious, I do realize that my scrambling is probably a symptom of trying to cram too many thing into too little of a window of time.  One would think that I would learn that no matter how much I may try to will time to stop, I can only do so much in the day.  These are the times when I know that I have not only said yes a few too many times, but I have failed to balance the time I have committed as well as I should.

Now I am not going to beat myself up over this, but I will use this day as a reminder that being ever so diligent during these heavy travel and activity times is crucial.

One the flip side, no children were forgotten or misplaced.

Good job Bob.

See you tomorrow.

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