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The Fifth Day of Lent 2015

February 23, 2015

My brain hurts.

No granted it does not take all that much to strain my noggin’, but the past few days I have been engaged in some good conversations about social media and the church.

The fifth day of Lent find me in snowy Indianapolis, taking part in Christian Theological Seminary’s New Media Project [#NewMediaProject]. We have been brought together to talk about social media and the sharing of the Gospel. We are exploring some theology, sociology, best practices, etc. in the hopes to better equip church leaders and institutions for digital ministry use.

There are some great folks here: people I have known for a while, new friends, and people who I finally get to met in person. There are academics, parish pastors, organizational leaders, denominational folks and a few others, all approaching this topic with deep faithfulness, a healthy sense of self, and honest reflections. While some might poo-poo sitting in a hotel conference room discussion social media, I have missed this kind of exercise and exchange. Yes, the theoretical must be held in tension with the practical, but I do so much practical thinking in my speaking, teaching, and personal life, that I didn’t realize how much I missed these big-picture conversations.

I think I need to figure out how to do this a bit more this year. I’m not looking at entering any academic program, but I do need to work out these thinking muscles a little more that I have been.

So yes, my brain hurts, but just like after a good physical workout — it’s a good hurt.

See you tomorrow.

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