Reyes-Chow - First day of Lent 2015February 18, 2015

So . . . I played hooky today.

Ash Wednesday is generally one of my favorite holy days. I’m not really sure why, but the humbling nature of it all has always touched my soul. And while I always enjoyed leading Ash Wednesday services when I was pastoring, I have enjoyed them even more as a participant.

So you can imagine the internal battle I had when a friend offered two tickets to see the San Francisco opening of Newsies. Yeah, who am I kidding, I paused for about 30 seconds and said, “Sure, we’ll take ’em.” So after relying on a few friends to handle some planned activities, Robin and I saw the show at the amazing Orpheum Theater.

I’m not going to write a review, but suffice it to say — there was dancing, there was singing, and it all worked out in the end a la Disney. It was very good. Not GREAT, but very good. And did I mention that there was dancing? I hurt just thinking it.

So now home and just under the midnight clock, I begin Lent 2015 with the discipline of journaling. I have not journaled since I was in high school, so I promise I will get better as the season progresses, but for now, I’ll begin with one thing that brought me joy today.

As I was making last-minute arrangements for our evening, I had to contact a few parents to help out with rides and a few other things that I was to do this evening. Without pause, everyone stepped up. I am grateful, not that they were willing, but that somehow we have found ourselves planted within a community that truly cares for one another and steps up even for the little things.

Not everyone has the luxury of a community whom they can count on to give your kid a ride home, to pick up Girl Scout Cookies, or postpone a conversation until later. We do and for that I am thankful this first day of lent.

See you tomorrow.

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