Seventh Day of Lent

February 25, 2015

Ending are bittersweet.

This year I am coordinating graduation plans for our 8th grade class. Last night we had a meeting and afterwards I was left with a deep feeling of gratitude. There as nothing significant about the meeting, but after nine years at the same school, for the class of 2015, we are beginning to feel the end coming. And while there are still three more month of school, it is certainly bittersweet. For as much as people mock folks for how much parents’ lives evolve around their kids, not only is this moment in time ending for our children, but for us as a parent community as well.

Sure, some of us will continue to be friends because of high schools, sports teams or other activities, but for others, these will be some of the last times that we will work and serve together.

Rooftop School has not only been a place where my daughters’ minds and hearts have been given room to grow and explore, but the idea that we all parent one another’s children as been truly lived out. In those ebbs and flows of life, work, and relationships, the parent community has been one that has stepped up when needed for one another and, for the most part, without building resentment or expecting reciprocation.

There are few places where this kind of community is experienced. I also know that this is not and will not be the only place where we will experience it, but in these last few months of our middle daughter’s time there, I am simply going to give thanks for the many who have helped to raise our kids in this place.

Good thing we still have one more, and two more years . . . ’cause that post is really going be gushing.

See you tomorrow.

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